Altmetric for books: tracking engagement and driving discovery

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Altmetric for books: tracking engagement and driving discovery

Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Location: online

In today’s connected world audiences across the globe are engaging with published scholarly books 24/7. How can authors and publishers stay attuned to these conversations, and why should they care?

Join Altmetric and our expert guests on this webinar to discuss the challenges that humanities and social science scholars often face when trying to demonstrate the value of their books, and how new metrics might help:

Amy Earhart, TAMU – Amy is Associate Professor of English and a researcher of Digital Humanities at TAMU. In this webinar she’ll be discussing the challenges she’s faced to get credit for her own outputs as an academic, and share her work to date on exploring the role that metrics have to play in improving this.

Jane Winters, School of Advanced Study, University of London – Professor of Digital Humanities Jane Winters will present her view on the current evaluation landscape, and focus in particular on what she has identified as the key opportunities and obstacles for growing the reach and visibility of monographs.

Charles Watkinson, Michigan Publishing – Charles will provide an overview of the steps that Michigan Publishing have taken to track and report the online conversations around published books, and discuss how this aligns with their strategic goals as a University Press.

There will be time for questions at the end and we look forward to an open and engaging discussion!

Altmetric works with some of the largest institutions, publishers and funders in the world to help scholars get more credit for their work, and to ensure that metrics are used in a responsible and transparent way.

This is a free event. Please register at:



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