Creating the Future of Academic Publishing: Strengthening the Research Ecosystem

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Creating the Future of Academic Publishing: Strengthening the Research Ecosystem

Time: 18:30

Location: London South Bank University, 103 Borough Rd, SE1 0AA

As part of Academic Book Week celebrations, Emerald Publishing would like to invite forward-thinking academics to re-energise the debate around academic publishing. In a time of sweeping changes across the industry, we want to rethink the relationship between academics and publishers and facilitate dialogue between all areas of the research ecosystem.

The last five years has seen a stream of mergers as big publishers expand. Meanwhile, University Presses also seem to have been particularly well-positioned for growth – and we have also witnessed the emergence of more progressive publishers, such as Emerald. If you have strong views around what has been happening and how it can be improved, if you want to be have a say whilst keeping up with all the changes sweeping over the academic publishing world – then this is the event for you.

Come prepared with questions for debate around Impact, Innovation and Interdisciplinarity. Following the speaker talks we will split up into three groups to discuss these pertinent issues and how those in academic publishing can work together to strengthen the research ecosystem.

To attend, please register at:


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